Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One Inch

Today it snowed. One inch. A flurry of small snowflakes. That was all. Yet, it somehow managed to create a widespread panic throughout Seattle. People racing to the local supermarket to buy salt and shovels. Middle schoolers whipping out phones and running through halls as they assured their parents that it was indeed a two-hour delayed start and a two-hour early release. One inch. That was all. With all the jostling at check out lines and cars racing to pick up students, people managed to forget the beauty of the snow. The sharp intake of breath, the muffled noise of tiny flakes twirling to the ground below, the openness of the sky. It was ignored, as car sped through slush, people jabbered on their cellphones, and argued over shovels. But me? I lost myself in the clouds, and my footprints twirled through the new snow.